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In the Media

Apparently people like us?

The Birds Papaya

Shine Talent Group partnership (post here)

We can never thank Sarah Nicole enough for touting our brand!

The Birds Papaya and Under the Stairs Paper Co.

Lucky Brand Artisan Series

November 2021 (video here)

We feel so LUCKY to have been selected to create cards for Lucky Brand Canada as a special gift to their customers. Getting dolled up for a photoshoot wasn't so bad either.

Lucky Brand an Under the Stairs Paper Co.

New Mom Who Dis Mompreneur Monday (post here)

August 2022

We were honoured to partner with Canadian royalty Jessi Cruickshank for a giveaway.

New Mom Who Dis and Under the Stairs Paper Co.

The Mom Room Greeting Card Collaboration (post here)

September 2022

Our favourite collaboration to date! We admire the heck out of Renee Reina and The Mom Room podcast. We absolutely loved collaborating with her on these important issues!

The Mom Room Podcast and Under the Stairs Paper Co.